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This is our time, This is our movement!


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What’s Your Issue? (WYI) is a national survey for LGBTQ & GNC youth. WYI gathers stories and statistics for communities, policy makers, cultural workers, and activists to change the lives of LGBTQ & GNC Youth.

By taking the What’s Your Issue? survey, you are eligible to win over 400 different prizes, including the Grand Prize: A $1,000 (US) cash card.

With generous funding from our community, we are giving away $40,000 to LGBTQ & GNC youth. There are FOUR chances to win. The earlier you take our survey, the more raffles you will be entered into and the greater chance you have to win.

Please note, you can only complete the survey once, and multiple registrants will be disqualified.

If you have more questions you may write to us at: whatsyourissue@publicscienceproject.org.
If you’re ready to complete our survey, and enter our drawing, click here!