The What’s Your Issue? national survey was designed with and for LGBTQ & GNC youth to document our experiences, dreams, desires & priorities. In creating WYI, we worked with hundreds of young people across the country to make a survey to represent the experiences, needs, and desires of all youth, ages 14-24. We especially want to center those who are usually left out – young people who are poor, of color, living with disabilities, immigrant, undocumented, and/or without a roof over their heads.

Take the What’s Your Issue? Survey and #AmpYourIssue! All results of the survey will be shared back to local communities, organizations, advocates, and policy-makers. We will also share there results here on our website. Stay tuned!

What’s Your Issue? is seeking over 5,000 respondents to paint a clearer picture of the issues that affect queer, gnc, and trans youth. Please help get the word out about WYI by taking our survey and sharing it with your local community.

Each young person who participates in our the survey will have the chance to win a series of raffles, up to four, totaling $40,000! (see details here).

And thank you to everyone who helped make WYI!