What’s Your Issue? would like your support to obtain more participants for our national LGBTQ & GNC youth survey. Youth organizations, groups, and nonprofits across the United States have been hosting survey parties, from Provo, Utah to Miami Shores, Florida. We would like you and your group to host our survey. Survey parties provide a space to bring people together and help make a difference, and moreover, create a greater sense of community nationally. We hope that LGBTQ & GNC youth will be able to take our survey, together, and provide each other with expertise, support and strength. If you are interested in hosting a survey party, we have some nominal financial assistance for those in need. If you’d like preview our survey packet, click here.

If you are interested in hosting a survey, please contact Emerson, at ebrisbon [at] publicscienceproject [dot] org. Thank you for your help. Together we can amp trans and queer youth issues!